A “few” years later xD

January 11, 2014 at 1:06 am (Uncategorized)

In January 2014 !!!! I reactived my account(s) for a 10 days free trial and I think I am having fun with it – especially with all the new stuff about hunters, big and little pets. So many possibilieties to have pets now! I am currently playing GW2, but getting a bit tired. SO – perhaps I play a little WoW for a while. One problem though, the same that had me stop Everquest II when I returned – the prices are awful high by now, I might not have enough money to catch up^^


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Time goes by

July 12, 2009 at 3:32 pm (Blogging)

End of April 2012: pre-purchased GW2 and will play the beta 27th-29th – notes are include in the above blog, since I still play AION also^^ (lol, perhaps some day I should open a new blog :P)

April 2012 I played TERA’s open beta weekend (actually only to fill the space that GW2 left when they announced their beta for a week later lol) – notes are include in the above blog, since I still play AION also^^

February 2011 I started playing Rift Beta, notes are include in the above blog, since I still play AION also^^

and new MMORPGs arrive – since June 5th, 2009 I am playing the AION Beta Events, a beautiful game going to be released in September 2009. Can’t wait 😀 Here is the new blog 🙂

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May 8, 2008 at 12:19 pm (Game)

Just thought it would be funny to leave an update here – I stopped playing SWG in Feb 2008 to try out Lord of the Rings online and am still playing that one 😉 There’s a lot of Ex-WoW players that wanted a change, telling a lot of bad stuff about how and why they got tired playing WoW… Well if they ever bring up housing I might give it another try^^

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SWG it is :)

November 6, 2007 at 10:00 am (Game)

I am definately through with WoW (for a good while at least unless they include other content lol).

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Staying a while^^

June 28, 2007 at 7:27 am (Game, News)

Well its almost a month later and I am still with SWG. I cancelled my two WoW accounts and have no real needs to go back there atm – besides I miss my pets a bit 😉 I do have ongoing contact with my WoW Guild tho since I still do my Admin and Officer jobs in the forum 🙂

Being back to SWG is just great, I just made up another blog for my interior design: swgalaxie.wordpress.com and might use it for some blogging too (but its in German, so…^^)

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As fate willed…

May 31, 2007 at 8:49 am (Game)

…yesterday I found out that Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) has implemented a new profession: the Beast Master. This reading exactly on the day that was the last I was able to reactivate my account without loosing my belongings (deadline was “before” 31th May) such as houses and mounts appeared like a broad wink to me and of course I reactivated. Due to the long time installing and updating (haven’t played for 2 years) I only had time to look up my chars and practise the new way of movement a little. Three of my chars a already high enough to start the Beast Master at once, but since instead of taming animals you have to get their DNA, incubate an egg and then raise your pet (GORGIOUS IDEA), I have no pet right away lol.

I reactivated my accounts for only 4 weeks at first step to figure out if I like the new SWG. And I will just write on here telling about it ^^

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May 30, 2007 at 4:42 pm (Pets)

Ok, since Thrall is down I am going to make my long planned list of personal pets statistics *g*

  1. Pets I haven’t tamed at all yet: netherray, serpent, warpstalker, nightsaber (the kind that looks like a twilight runner), King Bangalash (dont like his pinkish nose :P), Sian-Rotam (what for when you can get Echeyakee^^), the big colored tigers like Rak’Shiri (don’t like the colors and the look of them), panther, boars (tho I like the look of the black ones, the young thistles and orange Agam’ar), ghost saber (no idea if I can spawn it being Horde)
  2. Pets I have only tamed for skills: black/brown bears, crab, razorfang, carrion, brown lynx (ghostclaw)
  3. Pets I tamed for keeping but didn’t (f. e. cus I didn’t like the look together with my hunter or abondend them for another pet): pink hyena (Snort), green-pink turtle, glassweb spider, black raptor (daggermaw), moonstalker, nightstalker
  4. Pets I tamed and kept at least a few levels: golden dragonhawk (crazed), raptor Takk the Leaper, wolves (Timber, Snarler, felpaw wolf), grey crocolisk (dreadmaw), lynx (springpaw cub), durotar tiger, polar bear (Mangeclaw), gorilla (Uhk’loc), bat (Ressan), young spore bat (during BC Beta), scorpid (Death Flayer and a golden scorpashi lasher), cougar (Broken Tooth), black-red spider (Sri’skulk)
  5. Pets I have not as main pets, but left behind in various stables on some higher level: tallstrider (Mazzranache and Strider Clutchmother), white windserpent (elder cloud), white frostsaber cub, white owl (winterspring), black owl (kaliri swooper)
  6. Main Pets: snow leopard and owl (skettis kaliri) on Dreamz, goldenskin lioness (Araga) on Mílky, goldenskin lion (The Rake) on Winzige, black lion twice (Humar the Pridelord) on Latoyaa and Kiwiana, white lion twice (Echeyakee) on Rainbow and Eisvögelchen, goldenskin leopard (Dishu) on Fairytale, nightstalker on Forever, grey wolf (Mist Howler) on Milky.
  7. Rare Pets I camped for and never saw/got: red wolf Barnabus and grey wolf Old Cliff Jumper
  8. Pets I have an eye on for the future: silver-brown wolf Ironjaw for Latoyaa (and perhaps a red-black gorilla like the Feralas groddoc ape), brown owl (windroc) for Mílky, green warpstalker for – don’t know yet^^, pink eclipsion dragonhawk for Fairytale, I also like the look of the new windserpents in Outland^^

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